Security control & hand luggage

After check-in with your baggage, you and your hand luggage have to undergo a security control in order to proceed to the gates.

What is not allowed in hand luggage?

A comprehensive list of all prohibited objects is available at the information desk in the departure hall or from the security personnel. Or refer to the following website to see the list of prohibited items:

Please find out about current regulations early enough before your departure:

Security at Austria's Airports (PDF)
Permitted and prohibited items

Security Regulations (PDF)
Taking liquids on board in hand luggage

Lithium batteries and other dangerous goods
Explanation video of EASA

Please put items that are prohibited in hand luggage into your baggage, unless they are prohibited there as well.

Details about security control

  • You have to put all items you carry and jackets you wear into the box before going through the metal detector.

  • Larger electronic devices (from DIN A5) have to be put in the box separately and without any packaging or cases.

  • Liquids (also cremes, tooth paste and jam, etc.) you may carry along only in containers of max. 100ml. These have to be transported in a resealable plastic bag (1 liter, available in stores). Per person only one plastic bag is allowed, which then has to be presented at security control.

  • Sharp items such as pocket knives or scissors with more than 6 cm of length are not allowed in hand luggage. They have to be put into your baggage.

You can speed up security control by keeping your boarding pass ready and by preparing for the control process accordingly.

In case of a potential call for additional check, we ask for your understanding. This measure is taken for safety reasons and is not directed against you personally.

Wheelchair users will be controlled manually at security control. You can either check in your wheelchair already in advance and use a wheelchair of the airport aftwards until departure. In this case you can remain seated during the control. If you are using you own wheelchair you will be seated in an airport chair during the process. In any case you should register a PRM service with your airline of travel agency so that the "Green Cross" can support you during the entire departure process.