Art at the airport

The Gallery at Graz Airport is a real attraction for people with an eye for art and prominent guests. The airport gallery “Galerie am Flughafen” on the first floor of the new departure hall is an enchanting backdrop for private viewings, presentations and cultural events of all kinds. Above the hustle and bustle of the airport, visitors can enjoy the works of art or simply watch the people in the departure hall.

The gallery is known beyond Graz and appreciated by many artists for exhibitions of their work. Graz Airport organises six vernissages every year in cooperation with the Cultural Department of the city of Graz.

The dates for the exhibitions of this year are:

Tuesday, 14.02.2023    Angela Flois  
Wednesday, 12.04.2023    Wachstum | Marjam Habibian
Wednesday, 21.06.2023    VOLARE - Michaela Knittelfelder-Lang
Wednesday, 13.09.2023   Sezession Graz
Wednesday, 22.11.2023    nature² | Michael Zacek

The dates for the exhibitions of this year are:

Tuesday, 27.02.2024    t.b.a.
Tuesday, 23.04.2024    t.b.a.
Tuesday, 02.07.2024    t.b.a.
Tuesday, 17.09.2024    t.b.a.
Tuesday, 26.11.2024    t.b.a.