Data, Facts & Figures

Graz Airport:
IATA code: GRZ

Geographic position:
46°59´35"N 15°26´21"E

Operating hours:
06:00-23:30 local time

Information on runway:
Heights: TRH 16 340m / TRH 34 332m / Apron 337m
RWY 16C: 2.740m x 45m asphalt NINST
RWY 34C: 3.000m x 45m asphalt ICAO CAT II/III ILS
16L/34R grass runway OST NINST 640x30m grass AUW2000
16R/34L grass runway WEST NINST 760x25m grass AUW5000

A: 23/15m asphalt/grass
B: 23m asphalt
C: minimum 23m asphalt
D: 23m asphalt
G1: 15m grass AUW with 2000
G2: 15m grass AUW with 2000
G3: 36m – Air Taxiway – only for rescue helicopters
S1 to S4: 20m grass
X: 10m grass
Y: 18m asphalt

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