Check-in - coming early, relaxed flying

Get informed in advance for your advantage

For your safety every single piece of luggage is subject to detailed security controls. For most scheduled flights you should therefore come to the check-in counter at least 45 minutes (for Turkish Airlines flights at least 60 minutes) before departure. For charter flights we recommend check-in 2 hours prior to departure.

Check-in times are scheduled by the airline. Please get informed already in advance when booking or ask our airport information. Please consider possible delays in your planning.

Please note that some airlines may charge a fee for check-in at the counter, depending on your booking class. This fee does not apply if you check in online in advance.

  • Eurowings: € 15,- per person for BASIC tickets
  • Corendon: € 10,- per person for PROMO and ECO tickets
  • SunExpress: prices vary. Please visit the SunExpress website for full details.

The possibility of checking through baggage on connecting flights depends on your booking and the airline. In case of questions please contact your airline directy.

Please always carry your passport with you!

For travels within the borders or Schengen-countries no passport control is done. Random checks can be made however. It is therefore necessary to carry the passport or identification card with you on all flights. For journeys to countries outside the Schengen-area passport control is obligatory.

For further information on travel regulationsplease contact the border police
Phone: +43 (59) 1336 134

More information on passport, travel information and travel alerts you will find at:

Read about Emergeny passport service at Graz Airport

Early Check-in - a relaxed start into your holidays

Due to the current situation early check-in is temporarily not available.

Everything prepared for your journey?

From a first-aid-kit to the required documents - things you should not forget. The following travel check list will help you with your journey preparations. Currently it is available only in German:

Download your travel check list.

Blacklist & Passenger Rights

Click here for the aviation blacklist of airlines banned in the European Union (EU Blacklist) as well as an overview of passenger rights.
EU Aviation Blacklist