General Aviation Center

Frontview of the General Aviation Center by night
Photo: Krug/Graz Airport.

Welcome to the General Aviation Center

The exclusive setting of the new ”General Aviation Center” offers private pilots, business and private travellers perfect service, the most modern technology and the highest standards of safety!

Time-saving check-in and check-out with unsurpassed comfort is achieved through a dedicated system of passport inspection, safety checks and customs clearance, and all that just a few paces away from your own or your leased aircraft or helicopter.

The operating hours are from 6:00 am until 11:30 pm local time.

The "General Aviation" VIP room, accessed directly from the airfield, offers plenty of space in which to relax, and a breathtaking view of the airfield.

At the heart of this delightful setting there are facilities for VIP receptions, press conferences, presentations and seminars, for fliers or non-fliers, supported by the finest multimedia technology. Catering can be provided if required.

VIPs who fly to Graz can disembark in private through the facilities of the new ”General Aviation Center” or, if they so desire, under watchful eyes in the General Aviation VIP Room.

Before take-off, the extremely well-stocked ”Travel Value und Duty Free Shop” is open to all ”General Aviation” passengers.

In the ”Crew Lounge”, pilots and flight attendants can enjoy a moment of pre-flight relaxation in comfortable loungers and a peaceful atmosphere.
A separate room is available for ”Self Briefing” and flight preparation. A direct phone line to the flight weather service and VFSS is provided.

Pictures by handicapped artists in the ”Gruppe Randkunst” from the Day Workshop of Lebenshilfe Söding provide a touch of colour on departure and arrival.