Environment & Sustainability

Photo: Stadt Graz / Foto Fischer. ÖKOPROFIT-Award: (f.l.) Stefan Haberler, Gerhard Widmann, Alexandra Eller, Karmen Dominko, Georg Schlagbauer, Tina Wirnsberger, Werner Prutsch.

At Graz Airport, the responsible handling of natural resources and our environment is a fixed element of its corporate strategy; cooperation in the relations with neighbours and colleagues is anchored in the corporate philosophy.

Acting for the future

The environment has to be preservered for future generations. Numerous measures are therefore taken by Graz Airport in order contribute its share.

Graz Airport received the 19th Ecoprofit/ÖKOPROFIT award from the City of Graz for its commitment and for the implementation of eco-friendly measures.

Georg Schlagbauer, Environmental Officer at Graz Airport, and his committed team are constantly working for a sustainable handling of the environment.

Measures at Graz Airport

Activities in 2016 paid tribute to Graz Airport's sense of responsibility. As in previous years there was, besides many other measures, a focus on projects related to lighting. For example, the lights of the advertising banners on the tower and in diverse areas of the terminal were changed to energy-efficient LEDs. More visible are the changes related to e-mobility as 5 car charging stations with a total of 9 charging points for all common connections were built on different parking areas and are already frequently used.

  • Employees in the focus

For the purpose of the amendment to the ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz (Austrian employee protection act), both Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH and Flughafen Graz Bodenservices GmbH were evaluated with regard to psychological stress in the workplace. This meant evaluating all assessable influences from outside affecting the person, i.e. locating work related psychological burdens that lead to possible negative strains and then developing and realising measures for sustainable change together with the employee. Categories of negative strains are related above all to task requirements, work environment, work procedures and organisation as well as the working and social climate.

  • Shoulder to shoulder at the Round Table

The Round Table at Graz Airport has become a tradition for 15 years, where leaders meet for a constructive exchange. Attending are the mayors of surrounding communities, the environmental association Feldkirchen-Seiersberg, Styrian Government (Department FA15 "Schall-, Erschütterungs- und Lärmschutztechnik"), air traffic control "Austro Control", representatives of flight schools, glider pilots, skydivers and airline companies and Graz Airport/Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH, bringing up and discussing current topics, hosted by a professional moderator. Not each and every concern or topic can be solved to everyone's satisfaction, but regarding many issues improvements could be achieved over the last few years.

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