Work and family

Win-Win through good work-life-balance

"We are aware that a good work-life-balance of all employees is a prerequisite for the development of a company as well as for its innovative capacity and competitiveness. As the employer we try to provide the best possible framework, aiming at developing a family-conscious corporate culture. Not only Graz Airport is benefitting from the maintenance of motivation and work satisfaction but also our clients and partners." - Management, Graz Airport

Family-friendly workplace

The implementation of workplace health promotion management was a first step to create an environment in which satisfied employess can be productive.

Learning about de needs of employees from a private perspective with the help of the auditing process "workandfamily" in 2013 was another milestone for Graz Airport as a family-friendly Company, including the reception of the corresponding basic certificate and the quality label.

In the process we realised that our existing offer is already wide. Needs are diverse and as a future-oriented company we react individually and flexibly to the requirements. From there we want to proceed with the expansion of measures and activities.

Family-friendly measures at Graz Airport include

  • Flextime
  • Individual part-time solutions
  • Educational leaves and paternal leave
  • Standardized process of leave and re-entry at maternity leave
  • Compensatory time-off also possible for colleagues in shift work
  • regular leadership trainings (on all levels)
  • (Annual) employee appraisals
  • Sabbaticals
  • Part-time or minimal employment during materninty leave
  • Lectures on care service
  • Familiy events

and much more.

As we, of course, want to advance even further in this respect, all measures for re-certification were taken in 2016 so that in September another certificate was awarded for the years 2016-2019.

Hence we can proudly claim to provide an attractive work environment for our staff which supports the employees to reconcile work and family in the best possible way.