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Frontal view of the terminal in the evening

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Traffic Results 2012

We are now heading into a year full of opportunities after a difficult 2012.

Feldkirchen bei Graz, 21 January 2013: European aviation was unable to fly away from the crisis in 2012 – and it was mainly regional airports, among them Graz Airport, that had to cope with a difficult situation. Despite a 4.7% decline in passenger numbers, the economic result was good. There are indicators signalling an upward trend for the year 2013 thanks to the new link between Graz and Zurich. 

Graz Airport was the point of arrival or departure for 930,617 passengers on scheduled or chartered business or holiday flights between 1 January and 31 December 2012; this is a decline by 4.70% compared to the year 2011. Scheduled flights declined by 4.38% and charter business by 5.93%.
As far as scheduled flights are concerned, Graz Airport recorded stable or even higher passenger numbers than in 2011 on the flights to the large transit airports. The situation in Greece had a particular impact on the charter business. Tour operators and airlines have become more insecure and are now cancelling capacities much earlier than in the past as soon as the booking situation becomes more difficult. 

"The drop in passenger numbers is mainly due to the economic situation of some airlines and the difficult situation in some holiday destinations", Gerhard Widman, CEO of Graz Airport explains. "It was clear to us right from the start that the year 2012 would be difficult and we tried to take counter-action. It goes without saying that we are not happy about the 4.7% decline in passenger numbers. And yet, we are more optimistic for 2013, as we have taken a further step ahead in pursuing our strategy and are offering a new flight connection to Zurich and expanding the Friedrichshafen and Berlin connections".

Decline in the cargo business was about 7%, with the strongest decrease in summer, while the last two months of 2012 showed a slight upward trend – certainly a positive sign for 2013.  

“After many years of success, the year 2012 was very difficult and sobering for Graz Airport. However, compared to other Central European regional airports we had assessed the situation correctly and took appropriate action. It is particularly pleasing that the airport again succeeded in achieving a good, economic success”, says the Chairman of the Board of Holding Graz, Wolfgang Malik. “We are continuing to expand our range of services. And the recent success in our scheduled flight links to the large hubs and capitals of business clearly illustrates that we have embarked on the right way forwards.”

Outlook to 2013:

The course has been set for 2012 so there is reason for cautious optimism in 2013:

  • Since 14 January, the Austrian carrier InterSky has been offering two flights per day between Graz and Zurich.
  • There are daily morning and evening flights between Graz and Friedrichshafen – offered also since 14 January.
  • Starting on 6 May, airberlin will add more flights between Graz and Berlin – there will be one flight per day Monday to Friday, plus one flight on Sunday.
  • The summer flight schedule begins at the end of March and currently includes some 50 destinations.
    In addition to numerous flights to destinations in the Mediterranean, there will be many interesting special flights, for example to Palermo, Seville, Tallinn, Bourgas, Ohrid or Riga this year.
  • In autumn of last year, Austrian Airlines already introduced a "federal province surcharge", which makes changing flights in Vienna cheaper for passengers from Graz.

The numbers in comparison:

Changes in %
Total number of passengers            930.617        976.543      -4,70%                
Scheduled flights – passengers739.068772.920-4,38%
Charter flights – passengers191.549203.623-5,93%
Cargo volume in tons10.21010.977    -6,98%