18.11.2008 10:05
Mag. Alfred Ötsch, Mag. Johann Zemsky and Ing. Gerhard Schmid

Mag. Alfred Ötsch, Mag. Johann Zemsky and Ing. Gerhard Schmid

The Environment and Aviation: a publication by the Austrian aviation branch!

The brochure “The Environment and Aviation“ was prepared jointly by the Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck, Linz and Salzburg Airports together with the Austrian Airlines Group and Austro Control. The Working Group of Austrian Commercial Airports (“Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichischer Verkehrsflughäfen“, AÖV) serves as a platform for common activities.

This brochure provides information on the interaction of the airline companies on the ground and in the air as well as a variety of facts and figures on subjects ranging from flight noise, the development of engine technology, the careful use of resources on the ground and the special environment of flora and fauna at airports. The sustainable development of air traffic – and here the representatives of the Austrian aviation branch are convinced – will only be possible when an equal focus is placed on economic performance, societal aspects and ecological measures.

“The activities undertaken by the Austrian aviation branch on behalf of the environment and climate protection are clearly presented in this brochure, which also underscores our support for the sustainable development of air traffic“, emphasised Gerhard Schmid, President of the AÖV on behalf of the Austrian commercial airports. “It is impossible to eliminate all emissions in air traffic. However, we place great importance on the careful use of raw materials and energy as well as the ecological optimization of production processes – even if air traffic is only responsible for roughly 2% of global CO2 emissions. In order to protect the environment we use state-of-the-art technologies and our aircraft fleet is classified as very low-emission in international comparison“, explained Alfred Ötsch, Chief Executive Officer of Austrian Airlines. "We are well aware of our responsibility for the environment and make an important contribution to reducing the related effects of air traffic“, added Johann Zemsky, Chief Executive Officer of Austro Control. "Together with Austrian Airlines and Flughafen Wien AG, Austro Control was one of the driving forces behind the mediation process and is now continuing this work in the Dialogue Forum.“

Ing. Georg Schlagbauer, Mag. Gerhard Widmann

"We have been participating in the "Ökoprofit" programme for ecological management for eleven years now and received the 10th award this year. Graz Airport is clearly demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection", Mag. Gerhard Widman, CEO of Graz Airport, reported. "The importance that we attach to this topic is also reflected in our mission statement that includes an important section on our dealing with environmental issues."

The Austrian aviation industry has been a leader in the implementation of environmental protection measures for many years. Underground fuelling, photovoltaic equipment, noise reducing take-off and landing procedures, the protection of ground water, energy efficiency and alternative fuels, for example through the use of natural gas autos on the apron – environmental protection measures are implemented whenever and wherever possible.

This brochure documents the multi-faceted efforts in the support of climate protection. A separate chapter is dedicated to dialogue. The Austrian airline companies actively seek a constructive and critical exchange of information with all interest groups – including customers, employees and shareholders, suppliers and business partners, the political sector and public authorities, science and education, citizens’ initiatives, neighbours and local communities. The brochure also provides a glimpse into the future: research will help to make air traffic cleaner, quieter and safer.
The brochure “The Environment and Aviation“ will be available in English at the beginning of December 2008 for download under www.vie-umwelt.at and can also be ordered from the Environment and Aviation Info-Telephone by calling 0810 223340.