02.11.2007 15:45
Roland Hladin, Heinz Kaller, Melanie Frühwirt and Gerhard Widmann

Roland Hladin (Lauda Air), Heinz Kaller (Austrian Airlines), Melanie Frühwirt (hl travel), Dir. Mag. Gerhard Widmann (Flughafen Graz)

How dreams come true: with a flight around the world!

Feldkirchen, 2 November 2007: This was the take-off date for a remarkable air trip around the world, designed to give the passengers a sense of circling the globe in their own private jet.

The organiser hl travel in cooperation with the AUA Group is taking the passengers to some of the most delightful and interesting cities and islands around the world in 27 days – all accompanied with service perfection, plus many remarkable advantages and comforts such as cutting out the waiting time at airports around the globe.

“hl travel has opened up a real travel niche with this offer of a kind that has never been offered in Austria before”, Melanie Frühwirt, a partner in hl travel explained. “Never before has an Austrian Airlines Group wide-bodied aircraft flown such a round the world trip for 25 days of travel and with a party of 150 Austrian passengers!”

hl travel started the complex preparation work for this remarkable trip some 18 months ago together with Captain Peter Theisl of the Austrian Airlines Group. Melanie Frühwirt has personally flown the entire route in advance, to check on site the hotels and other services provided en route leaving nothing to chance.

The journey is marked out by an extraordinarily high quality of luxurious service:
The flight is in a B 767 aircraft of the Austrian Airlines Group, with the centre seats left free for the comfort of the passengers. The galley is in the hands of an experienced chef and his crew who have thought up a remarkable choice of superb dishes for the in-flight meals, plus a fine choice of free drinks to accompany them. Arrivals and departures have been arranged as easily and simply as possible with a special luggage service and extra short check-in time for the passengers.   Accommodation for the guests will be in class 4 and 5 star hotels. An expert travel team and a doctor are at the service of the passengers for health and any other problems that might arise during the entire trip.

The start of a round the world tour is no everyday event even for Graz Airport:
“This trip is a premiere for Graz Airport”, Mag. Gerhard Widmann, CEO of Graz Airport said. “This journey is an absolute dream! To fly around the globe for once with the benefit of all of these amenities – and to experience the immensity and variety of our world. It is an absolutely remarkable event for us to have such a journey possible today from Graz!”

hl travel
hl travel GmbH has made the extraordinary in travel, events and organised group tours to its speciality. In addition to around-the-world tours, group travel and incentives, the company offers extraordinary and outstanding luxury cruises, cruise flights in private jets or special golf trips. Richard Frühwirt, CEO of hl travel, has 25 years of professional experience in organising around-the-world and group travel.