11.04.2017 10:37
CS100 on the apron in the evening.

Photo: A. Witek/Graz Airport: The new Bombardier CS 100.

SWISS is introducing the new Bombardier CS100 for its service from Graz to Zurich

The new, innovative aircraft will be a regular appearance at Graz airport.

Feldkirchen near Graz, 28/ 03/ 2017: Yesterday marked the start of the Bombardier CS100 aircraft's regular service to Graz. Not only the passengers of SWISS will be able to enjoy more comfort, the environment will also benefit from the new aircraft.

A good half year after the first flight of the Bombardier CS100, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) draws a positive balance. In the first few months of its operation, the C Series has already demonstrated its high technical reliability and impresses by its comfortable features. SWISS is the world's first operator of the Canadian aircraft type and will now also use it for service between Graz and Vienna.

Birgit Reischl, Manager Marketing & PR Austria & Central Eastern Europe: "Many of our passengers are using the connection between Graz and Zurich as a starting point for their long-haul flights, for example to Boston, Miami or San Francisco. With a total of 30 ordered Bombardier aircraft, SWISS is investing in its fleet renewal program until 2018. We are delighted that the passengers from Graz will now also be able to benefit from the new type of aircraft ".

The aircraft is very popular with passengers: More space is available on the overhead luggage racks, the seats have more legroom thanks to an innovative table design, and the larger windows make the cabin appear even brighter and more spacious. The considerable noise reduction also has a positive effect on the well-being of the passengers.

"We are pleased that our passengers will now be able to regularly enjoy the comfort offered by the new aircraft," says Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Graz Airport.

Thanks to its lower kerosene consumption and reduced CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions, the modern aircraft enables an ecological quantum leap.
The pilots especially emphasize the intuitive flying experience.

As First Officer of today's flight, Michael Scharf, puts it with a twinkle in his eyes: "As a native Carinthian, who has lived in Graz for several years, I am always happy when I can fly to my former place of residence. For me as a pilot, it is particularly exciting to fly such a technically innovative aircraft type“.

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Photo: A. Witek/Graz Airport: The crew with Birgit Reischl, Manager Marketing & PR Austria & Central Eastern Europe with SWISS (second from the right) and Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Graz Airport (on the far left).