22.09.2008 16:21
Erwin Schmuck and Gerhard Widmann with some groceries in front of the Tower

Erwin Schmuck and Gerhard Widmann opened the new SPAR supermarket

SPAR opens supermarket at Graz Airport!

As of today, passengers and airport staff as well as residents of the Feldkirchen area can do their shopping at the new SPAR supermarket at Graz Airport from Monday to Sunday. On a shopping area of approx. 400m2, the supermarket offers a wide range of products at the usual SPAR prices. 30 new jobs have been created.

The opening of the new SPAR supermarket at Graz Airport marks a new departure for SPAR: For the first time in the history of the company, a supermarket will be opened at an airport, directly in the passenger terminal. This means shopping at the usual SPAR prices from Monday to Sunday, 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. Passengers and the 800 members of staff of the airport will benefit from the new shopping opportunity, and the supermarket will also be an attractive local supplier for the larger Feldkirchen residential area.

30 minutes free parking, 30 new jobs
Graz Airport, a member of GRAZ AG, offers up to 2,250 parking spaces, and they are now also available to customers of the new supermarket. “We always try to offer a special service to our customers and that is why we are offering 30 minutes of free parking for customers who do their shopping at SPAR”, says Erwin Schmuck, CEO of the Graz SPAR headquarters. “I am also pleased to say that we created 30 safe jobs with the new supermarket.”

The airport as a market place
Graz Airport is frequented by about two million people every year. “The airport is developing more and more into a vibrant market place. If we take a look at the airport as a whole, we are one of the largest employers of the region who is now able to offer improved service not only to its guests and passengers but also to its staff,” says Gerhard Widmann, CEO of Graz Airport. The new SPAR supermarket has been built on the area of the former Mini-market.

Styrian delicacies
All fresh goods, from vegetables to fruit, cheese, sausage, bread, etc, are displayed attractively in the centre – exactly as in a traditional mar-ket. Customers will find their shopping very time-saving this way. In ad-dition to fresh goods, the supermarket will offer various Styrian delicacies, such as Styrian pumpkin seed oil, locally grown wines or the fa-mous chocolates made by Zotter. Convenience products and the popu-lar SPAR-branded goods will also be offered at the new supermarket.

Convenient shopping and swift service
Cornelia Feichter, who worked in a SPAR supermarket near the city centre before, is the branch manager of the new supermarket. Together with her 29 colleagues she has dedicated a lot of enthusiasm and com-mitment to the opening: “My team and I will do our best to make shopping a pleasant experience for our customers and to offer them swift services so as to not cause them any delays.”