23.10.2015 09:50
Group picture with passenger bus.

Photo: GEPA pictures/Special Olympics. From left: Markus Pichler (Managing Director of the 2017 Special Olympics) and City Councillor for Sport Kurt Hohensinner; front, from left: SOÖ President Hermann Kröll, Special Olympics athletes Hermann Kogler and Barbara Gubitzer, Managing Director of Graz Airport Gerhard Widmann.

Passenger bus at Graz Airport in 2017 Special Olympics design

Graz Airport is the “Official Airport” for the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Styria.

“We are proud to be part of the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games and also to contribute to the success of this globe-spanning event that brings nations together”, said Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Graz Airport, at the passenger bus presentation today. The bus was branded with the 2017 Special Olympics design and will be carrying passengers between the terminal and planes over the next few months. Above all those passengers landing in Graz will know right away: Styria is once again the venue of a major sports event!
But it’s not just the bus that will be drawing people’s attention to the role of Graz Airport as “Official Airport” for the 2017 World Winter Games. Banners, advertising space, counters and much more will spotlight the 2017 World Winter Games and upcoming pre-Games events (10–15 January 2016). In return, the Graz Airport logo will feature on various advertising media, programmes and flyers for the 2017 Special Olympics.

At the beginning of next year, but above all when the Games kick off in March 2017 (14–25 March), numerous foreign athletes, coaches, family members and journalists will be taking advantage of the many flight connections to Graz. With its modern infrastructure, Graz Airport is perfectly equipped for these visitors, offering its guests maximum security, short distances, and practical convenience. “The Special Olympics World Winter Games and Graz Airport are ideal partners, and this will certainly be a valuable collaboration for both parties”, Hermann Kröll, President of Special Olympics Austria and the 2017 World Winter Games, and Markus Pichler, Managing Director of the 2017 Games, agree.