07.12.2018 13:15
Holzer and Widmann with the Airport honey in front of SPAR market.

© Flughafen Graz: Mag. Christoph Holzer (Managing Director SPAR Styria & South Burgenland and Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Flughafen Graz with the Airport honey.

News from Graz Airport: A Sweet Treat and Thrilling Views

Award-winning airport honey is now available from SPAR at Graz Airport. And for aviation enthusiasts, 12 'photo holes' were installed for an undisturbed view of take-offs and landings.

Feldkirchen bei Graz, 5 December 2018: Graz Airport honey has recently been granted a silver award. Following this, it was decided to make it accessible to all interested food lovers. SPAR was very enthusiastic about the idea. Therefore, the bees’ gold is available from now on in the SPAR branch at the Airport for as long as stocks last.
Furthermore, 'photo holes' have been installed at various sections of the Airport fence in the last few days for the so-called 'spotters’. In order to enable the best possible use, the details were discussed in advance with representatives of the community.

Mag. Christoph Holzer (Managing Director SPAR Styria & South Burgenland): "SPAR has created a special partnership with Graz Airport. SPAR has been represented at Graz Airport for over 10 years and we are pleased to be able to offer 'Graz Airport Blossom Honey' to our customers from Austria and the rest of the world Airport with immediate effect."

"Immediately after it became known that we had our an own Airport honey, the first requests came in asking whether it is commercially available," says Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Graz Airport. "This is why I am all the more pleased that those interested can now purchase the honey in the SPAR branch at Graz Airport." 

But another new installation at Graz Airport is more a treat for the eyes. The target audience will have its photography and filming sweetened in the future with the installation of 12 so-called `photo holes'. The two clubs Airportclub Graz and Flughafenfreunde Graz as well as Spotterteam Graz were included in the planning. Here, the height, orientation and the five different locations of the installation were discussed in advance in order to achieve the highest possible satisfaction within the community.

"The so-called 'spotters' are an integral part of Airport life for us," explains Gerhard Widmann. "It was therefore very important to us to make it easier for them to exercise their passion, which for many people is something far beyond a normal hobby!”


Gruppenfoto vor dem Zaun
© Flughafen Graz (left to right): Manfred Pamer (Flughafenfreunde Graz), Roland Bergmann (Spotterteam Graz), Kurt Trattner (Airportclub Graz) and Peter Zandonella (Airportclub Graz) inspect the new photo holes with Mag. Gerhard Widmann (MD Flughafen Graz).


Spotter fotografiert duch Fotoloch.
© Flughafen Graz: The 'photo holes' are already being eagerly used.