17.05.2021 15:30
Photo: Managing Directors Graz Airport and Springer Reisen.

Photo of Graz airport (from left to right.: Wolfgang Grimus, Managing Director of Graz Airport and Andrea Springer, Managing Director of Springer Reisen)

Greek island dreams from and to Graz

In the summer of 2021, weekly flights will be available to the Greek islands of Paros, Skiathos and Naxos from Graz. What can holidaymakers expect this year? Hospitality and holidays, just like 25 years ago.

“Jassou! The unique world of the Greek islands awaits you” says Andrea Springer with a cheery welcome. “We want to offer Carinthia and Styria tailor-made holidays: discovering new things, finding special experiences and making tried-and-tested solutions even better. For us, that means offering regional departures, finding family-run hotels and addressing particular importance to the surroundings, local amenities and people. Springer Reisen is offering flights each week from June to September. The flights will be operated by a small, modern aircraft from the private Greek airline ‘SKY express’ with a maximum of 58 seats.”

“Springer Reisen has been one of the leading partners to Graz Airport for many years, always daring to try something new, even in challenging situations, and above all else, offering niche destinations which are very popular with the people of Styria,” explains Wolfgang Grimus, Managing Director of Graz Airport. “With Naxos and Paros, we now have two destinations in our portfolio which aren’t offered by any other airport in Austria!”

Paros is probably one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. On the sister island of Naxos, which is famous for its white marble, tourists can find endless beaches and hidden coves. The picturesque harbour of Naoussa is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the Cyclades. Direct flights to Paros will be available every Saturday from and to Graz.

Naxos gives its visitors a feeling of freedom, but it is also like a holiday with friends and family. The biggest of the Cyclades islands is simple, special and beautiful. The water glistens in three colours, the beaches are Caribbean white with fine sand, and stretch for miles. This year, direct flights to the island will once again be available every Saturday from Graz starting in June.

A little further north lies the third dream island of the group: Skiathos. Finest sand and crystal-clear water on more than 60 beaches make this island into a bathing paradise. Flights will depart from and to Graz on Sundays.