10.01.2014 13:18
View of terminal from the airfield with an aircraft and an airport truck in the foreground.

Photo: Lupi Spuma/Graz Airport

Graz Airport: Traffic Results 2013

Recovery in the second half of the year brings optimism for 2014.

Feldkirchen bei Graz, 09 January 2014: The Graz Airport traffic results 2013 are two-fold in several aspects: While passenger numbers declined, cargo business saw significant growth, and wile both segments suffered a downturn in the first six months of the year, a clear upward trend set in during the second half of 2013. The recovery in the cargo business was so considerable that not only a significant increase, but the second best result in the history of the airport was achieved. In terms of passenger numbers, however, the trend reversal did not come early enough and was too weak, so that the year resulted in a minus.

881,740 passengers on scheduled and charter flights chose Graz Airport as the point of departure or arrival of their journeys in 2013, a drop by 5.2 percent compared to 2012. There are significant differences in the development of the two segments: While the decline in the scheduled flight business was a mere 3.3%, the drop in charter business was by 12.7%. The slight increase in passenger numbers on flights to Greece was not enough to make up for the development in flights to the classic destinations of Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. In contrast to the charter business, scheduled flights started to pick up in the late summer; in December the numbers were even 15% higher than in December 2012. This development reflects the strength of the Styrian economy and is due to the more than 100 weekly flights to the major hubs of Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Zurich.

Cargo Business
In the cargo business, the trend reversal came much earlier than in the passenger business; the development moved back to a plus as early as May. October was an outstanding month with an increase of nearly 70% compared to the same month in 2012. 11,281 tons of cargo were handled in total, which means an increase of 10.5% compared to the previous year. This is the second best result in the history of Graz Airport!

"Graz Airport proved once again that it is strong enough to face times of economic difficulties", Wolfgang Malik, Chairman of the Board of Holding Graz said. "The good connections to the major hubs and the service-oriented cargo centre proved to be particularly successful. They are the main reason why the airport will remain indispensable for business and tourism in Styria and the whole of Southeast Austria."

"It goes without saying that we are not happy about the passenger numbers in 2013, and yet the good development in the final months of 2013 makes us optimistic for 2014", Gerhard Widmann, CEO of Graz Airport, said. "It is mainly the excellent development of the cargo business – which is always also an indicator for the development of the business location – that fills us with optimism for the future."

The numbers in comparison:

Business20132012Changes in %
Total number of passengers881,740930,617-5.2%
Scheduled flights – passengers714,463739,068 -3.3%
Charter flights – passengers167,277191,549-12.7%
Total number of flight movements   14,879 14,581 2%
Scheduled flight movements12,89612,0796.8%
Charter flight movements1,9832,502-20.7%
Cargo volume in tons11,28110,21010.5%