01.02.2018 10:35
easyJet aircraft in front of hangar

Photo: easyJet/Tim Anderson.

easyJet adds Graz to its route network

In the form of the English airline, a low-cost carrier once more moves into the airport. It will start serving the Graz – Berlin/Tegel route on the 4th of August

Feldkirchen bei Graz, 30/ 01/ 2018: easyJet is Europe’s second-largest low-cost carrier and has been the Graz Airport’s dream partner for years. Following years of negotiations on various destinations, the airline will add Graz to its route network on the 4th of August in the framework of its Berlin expansion.

An Airbus A-320 offering 180 seats will fly between Graz and Berlin/Tegel three times a week. The flight days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Thomas Haagensen, Managing Director of easyJet Europe: „I’m thrilled to announce our new routes from Berlin Tegel for the summer season today, including our new route to Graz. easyJet has flown to Austria for 12 years, transporting more than one million passengers last year, and we are excited to now add Graz as a new addition to the easyJet network.”
Mayor Siegfried Nagl: “As the owner , I would like to congratulate the Graz Airport team on the addition of this airline! The success story of Graz Airport shows impressively what is possible when all those involved work together on a common goal.”
“With easyJet, yet another airline will be added to Graz Airport’s portfolio. This represents a significant upgrade for the airport and strengthens Styria as a business and tourism location. Having a direct connection to Berlin is especially important for our export-oriented companies and an opportunity to convince additional tourists from Germany to come to Styria,” says State Minister for Tourism and the Economy Barbara Eibinger-Miedl.

“Airlines such as KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish and Austrian have been serving the most important hubs, thus connecting Graz Airport to the rest of the world. Our strategic goal is to make the location more attractive to low-cost carriers. easyJet’s Berlin connection represents a first successful step in this direction,” says Wolfgang Malik, Chairman of the Board of Holding Graz.

“To be able to provide our passengers with even more diversified offers, we have been engaging in intensive talks with various low-cost carriers, while easyJet has been our dream partner for some time,” comments Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Graz Airport. “We are seeing their Berlin expansion and the associated addition of the Graz-Berlin route as a major future opportunity!”

About easyJet
Founded in the mid-1990s, easyJet is an English airline with headquarters in London-Luton. It carries more than 81 million passengers per year, approx. 13 million of whom are business travellers. With more than 280 aeroplanes, it serves more than 890 routes as well as more than 140 airports in 31 countries.

Flight times from August 4, 2018:

Flight days  
-2-4---Berlin   15.00   Graz16.25  
-2-4---Graz17.00Berlin   18.25

Flights can now be booked at www.easyJet.com!