03.07.2007 14:54
Frontview of terminal from the parking ground

Award for Airport Terminal!

Graz Airport was awarded the `GerambRose´ for Good-Quality Buildings for the expansion of its terminal

Feldkirchen, 03 July 2007: The outstanding architects’ team Pittino&Ortner from Deutschlandsberg, Styria, dedicated about five years to the expansion of the Airport’s terminal. The resulting building does not only meet all the numerous specifications but is also a feast for the eye – a fact confirmed by many enthusiastic passengers and visitors and now also by the GerambRose Award.

Every year, the “BauKultur Steiermark” association awards the GerambRose to buildings that maintain or create a high quality of architectural culture in Styria. The prize-winning buildings must meet pre-defined criteria with regard to fulfilment of purpose and functions, effect and appearance, or reference to the historic context.

The jury’s assessment of the Graz Airport passenger terminal reads as follows:

The re-designed Graz Airport terminal is the successor building of the former airport building designed by architects’ Florian Riegler and Roger Riewe. The layout of the rooms “mirrors” the sequence of travelling which adds to the building’s clarity. A new building has been created that not only reflects content and motif but – surprisingly - also the atmosphere of the old airport; a building that is user-friendly and offers itself – with the integrated café – also to visitors not intent on travel. The access road and the spatially designed access area lead you along the building to the main entrance. The two floors create a dominating building volume that conveys a pleasant feeling of spaciousness. The building itself with its aerodynamic shape reminds one of an airplane’s wing, i.e. content and purpose of the building are written on its outline. An object at the state of the art, a grand gesture and expression of modern mobility. 

Photo: DI Wolfgang Pittino, Architects’ Office Pittino&Ortner; Mag. Gerhard Widmann, CEO of Graz Airport; Ing. Robert Kiegerl, Division Manager Real Estate Management of Graz Airport; DI Gunther Hasewend, Regional Building Director and DI Klaus Ortner, Architects’ Office Pittino&Ortner receiving the award.