22.01.2020 13:15
"Flughafen Graz" sign and tarmac.

Photo: Graz Airport/wolfganghummer.com

2019 traffic data

Graz Airport is starting the new year with another record year (+0.58% more passengers).

After the record year in 2018, Graz Airport will close 2019 with a new passenger record and a passenger increase of 0.58%. As Graz Airport was able to celebrate its millionth passenger earlier than ever before in 2019, it was clear that a new passenger record was imminent.

The details

With a passenger increase of 0.58%, 1,036,929 passengers were served by Graz Airport in 2019 (corresponds to an increase of 6,000 passengers).
The development shows a slight decline of 0.15% or 1,367 passengers for scheduled services.
The level of growth in the charter sector is very pleasing. Having recorded an increase of 39.2% in this segment last year, a further increase of 5.48% or 7,367 passengers was recorded in 2019.

Cargo development

In keeping with the international trend, Graz Airport also recorded a slight decline in the cargo business. Despite the weakening of the economy, 18,970 tonnes were processed, resulting in -1.37% or 263.3 tonnes.

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The figures in comparison:

Volume20192018   Change in %
Total volume – passengers   1,036,929    1,030,9290.58%
Scheduled services – passengers895,093896,460-0.15%
Charter traffic – passengers141,836134,4695.48%
Total volume - movements   14,72714,888-1.08%
Total cargo (in tonnes)18,97019,233-1.37%