Traffic results 2014

Good traffic results with an increase in the scheduled and charter segments are an encouraging sign for 2015. Cargo business sees a decline after the strong year 2013.

With a passenger increase of almost 2% Graz Airport can now conclude the 2014 anniversary year with great satisfaction.

Increase in scheduled (1.2%) and charter flights (4.1%)

After the drops in recent years, the increase is a positive sign for the future. Graz Airport handled 897,421 passengers last year, which is 1.8% more than in 2013.

The strong increase in the charter segment could be achieved despite the recurrent unrest in Egypt. Greece has seen a major recovery, with Turkey increasing substantially and the new Bourgas destination meeting with such demand that it will be resumed this summer. The good development is certainly due in part to the poor summer weather.

Besides the increase in passenger figures Graz Airport is pleased also about the developments in turnover, with an expected increase of total turnover by 2.2% compared with the previous year.


After the sensational development in 2013, we observed a decline of 14.4% in cargo. This is due, at least in part, to special consignments in 2013 which were not carried out this year and to a decline in export and thus the weaker economic situation.

Prospects for 2015

There will be an increase in the scheduled service to Zurich. As of 29/3/2015 both InterSky and Swiss will be running a daily midday flight to the major Swiss transfer airport.

With tourism having recovered, Greece features with no fewer than 12 destinations in the summer flight plan, with flights once again from Graz to Preveza (Lefkas). A new short chain to Malta and special flights to new places such as Nimes, Porto and Stockholm complete the usual wide offer.

More details, figures and comments in the press release