Traffic results 2022

2022 traffic result significantly better than planned and flight submissions for the coming summer indicate a further increase in the passenger figures.

Graz Airport looked after more than 561,000 passengers last year, two and a half times as many as 2021. While these numbers are still lower than before the pandemic, they are considerably higher than planned at the start of 2022. This trend, coupled with the planned flight programme for the coming summer and the opening of a Eurowings base, indicate a sustained positive development this year.

The beginning of 2022 was still very strongly shaped by the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and the corresponding travel restrictions. From the second quarter there was a noticeable relaxation of the situation. With the start of the summer flight schedule and the resumption of scheduled flights to Zürich, the airport was once again able to offer connections to the 5 major hubs – Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zürich – as well as the financial centres Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, although still not with the frequency density that was normal before the pandemic.

The summer tourist flight schedule developed very well, with a varied programme consisting of around 15 holiday destinations, a series of special flights, and a scheduled programme which was gradually expanded.

The development in 2022 in detail:

Scheduled and holiday flights:
A distinct upward trend is apparent in both segments.
441,699 passengers chose a scheduled connection from Graz to set off on their business or holiday travel – this is 270,355 passengers or 157.8% more than in 2021.
119,836 passengers used one of the many charter flights to take off for their holiday, which corresponds to an increase of 64,618 or 117%.

After the exceptionally good result in 2021, which can be ascribed among other things to 30 cargo flights transporting medical materials needed in the pandemic from Asia to Graz, mostly using Boeing 747s, a decline in 2022 was already expected beforehand.
In 2022 a total cargo volume of 16,556 tons was achieved, corresponding to a reduction of 14% or around 2,694 tons.

General aviation:
Following 2021, when business travellers increasingly switched to business flights, in 2022 these flights decreased again to some extent due to the increased availability of scheduled flights. So in 2022 31,412 flights were implemented in this segment, corresponding to a decrease of -15.9% compared to 2021.

Further details of the figures, the coming summer and comments can be found in the Press Release.