18.10.2013 18:00
2 firemen take care of an injured man.

Photo: A. Witek

"Alpha 5" Emergency Drill

Around 400 people took part in today's comprehensive emergency drill at Graz Airport.

At least once every two years a comprehensive emergency drill takes place at Graz Airport to keep top fit for dealing with any potential disaster.

Varied scenarios are very important here so that the participants face ever new challenges.


In today's scenario actually two cases hat to be dealt with:

  • Aviation disaster: Aircraft out of control and lands off the runway.


  • Scenario of public security: A foreign prime minister was supposed to fly home with the same plane later on + Phone call of person claiming responsibility and a piece of luggage that has been identified as potentially explosive.


The only way to master today's scenario in a satisfying manner was to ensure perfect coordination, communication and cooperation between all the emergency services participating.

Objectives of the drill

Existing planned processes and courses of action should be trained and tested for the case of emergency. In the next few weeks problems and potential for improvement will be analysed objectively.

This should ensure that the high standard in terms of safety and security at Graz Airport will continue to be provided.

More information in the press release.