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New: From Graz to Zurich

Graz Airport expands offer. With InterSky to Zurich and higher frequency of route Friedrichshafen - Graz.

InterSky is expanding in Styria and brings the following innovations to the offer of Graz Airport.

• 12 x a week Graz - Zurich - Graz

• 6 x a week morning Friedrichshafen to Graz & back in the evening

On 14 January 2013 InterSky will start the important route between Graz and Zurich with for now 2 daily connections (12 x a week). From January 2013  flights from Friedrichshafen will go to Graz in the morning . This has been requested by the economy in the Lake Constance area for many years. In the evening the flight goes back from Graz to Friedrichshafen.

Monday-Friday and Saturday: Friedrichshafen - Graz 1 x a day
Monday-Friday and Sunday: Graz - Friedrichshafen 1 x a day
Monday-Friday: Graz- Zürich - Graz 2 x a day
Saturday: Graz - Zurich - Graz 1 x a day
Sunday: Graz - Zurich - Graz 1 x a day

InterSky operates the well-proven Dash8–300Q (50 seats) or as well the ATR 72-600 (70 Seats).

Teh planned route to Milan Bergamo will unfortunately not be operated due to low demand.

All new routes are available for booking!

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