Travelling with handicap

Wheelchair user at the gate for boarding.
Photo: Lupi Spuma/Graz Airport.

Service for people with reduced mobility

Please let your travel agency or airline know that you have reduced mobility and need support already, when booking your journey. Thus the staff can come up to your wishes and needs best.

The support service is of course free of charge. However, it can only be booked with your travel agency or airline, not with the airport.

In order to ensure smooth running of procedures, airlines have to inform the airport and the handling agent in charge about a booked service not later than 36 hours before departure.

You can check in your wheelchair in advance for free or our staff will take it directly at the aircaft and store it in the plane. You will get it back after landing at your destination.

Information on security control.

Barrier-free Airport

The passenger terminal of Graz airport is fully equipped for people with disabilities: All doors are wide enough for wheelchair access; you will find everything at one level. The restroom facilities also cater to the needs of people with disabilities.

Graz Airport is barrier-free

Special parking spots available

At Graz Airport there are special parking spots (at the shortest possible distance to the terminal) for people with disabilities in the restricted parking zone, the P1, P2 and P3 car parks and the access zones.More Information on parking at Graz Airport you will find here.