Environment & Sustainability

Group picture of ÖKOPROFIT-Award ceremony.
Photo: City of Graz / Harry Schiffer. ÖKOPROFIT-Award: (f.l.) Werner Prutsch, Lisa Rücker, Georg Schlagbauer, Alexandra Eller, Gerhard Widmann, Siegfried Nagl.

At Graz Airport, the responsible handling of natural resources and our environment is a fixed element of its corporate strategy; cooperation in the relations with neighbours and colleagues is anchored in the corporate philosophy.

Acting for the future

The environment has to be preservered for future generations. Numerous measures are therefore taken by Graz Airport in order contribute its share.

Graz Airport received the 17th Ecoprofit/ÖKOPROFIT award from the City of Graz for its commitment and for the implementation of eco-friendly measures.

Georg Schlagbauer, Environmental Officer at Graz Airport, and his committed team are constantly working for a sustainable handling of the environment.

Measures at Graz Airport

Activities in 2014 paid tribute to Graz Airport's sense of responsibility.

  • An (economical) bright light

...in the administration area
The switch to LED lights not only provides plenty of light in the corridors of the administration area, but it is also environmentally friendly and more cost effective. Electricity savings: 10,500kWh/a and 3.9t CO2 or 70%

...at the check points
The lighting of the canopies at the checkpoints, Gate 1 and Gate 5, was converted to LED bulbs. Electricity savings: 3,600kWh/a and 1.3t CO2 or 33%

 ...in the toilet facilities
In the passenger terminal – departure and arrival areas – innovative LED lights provide an economical use of energy. The costs could be reduced by 50 percent and the lights protect the environment.
Savings: 20,000kWh/a 7.4t CO2 or 50%

  • Employees in the focus

For the purpose of the amendment to the ArbeitnehmerInnenschutzgesetz (Austrian employee protection act), both Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH and Flughafen Graz Bodenservices GmbH launched an evaluation of psychological stress in the workplace in 2014. The first evaluations were conducted and other groups follow in 2015. The project will be completed in 2015 for Flughafen Graz Bodenservices GmbH, and in 2016 for Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH.

  • Shoulder to shoulder at the Round Table

The Round Table at Graz Airport has become a tradition for 15 years, where leaders meet for a constructive exchange. Last year representatives of the local communities, the environmental association, air traffic control, the flying clubs and flight schools met twice in order to jointly discuss their worries and issues with officials of the state government and the Flughafen Graz Betriebs GmbH. The Round Table as well as bilateral discussions on current topics contributed to preserve the constructive conversation climate.

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