Travelling with children

A mother and her daughter are standing at the airport information counter
Photo: Pixelmaker/Graz Airport.

Family friendly airport

At Graz Airport you and your children will have a relaxed time til the start of your journey.

The "KIDDIE - AIR" and the playing corner in the departure area, as well as the playing area outside the terminal are exciting pastimes. From the café „Take Off“ you will also have an eye on your children at all times. >> more on playgrounds

In the terminal 5 diaper changing rooms are available, plus separate changing tables in the toilets.

Best service on board

You and your family will be in good hands also on the plane. Extra belts for babies are available on all aircrafts. Many airlines off special services for children.

Between 5 and 12 years (usually) your children can fly alone with the "Unaccompanied Minors"-Programme and are cared for by the airline and airport staff. In exceptional cases this service is also available for teenagers from 12 to 18 years.

Please note:
This service is not available with all airlines. You should request or book this service already during the booking procedure. More information can be requested directly at your airline.

Prams travel with you

Of course you can take your pram with you on your journey. Either you check it in in advance free of charge or you give it to our staff directly at the aicraft and will get it back after landing at your destination.