Luggage information

How much luggage can you take along?

On charter flights, an allowance for luggage weighing 15 to 20 kilos is generally included in the ticket price. On scheduled flights, passengers holding economy class tickets are allowed 23 kg, Business Class passengers are entitled to 32 kg (however, only if a respective ticket including baggage was booked). Travelling to or from the USA or Canada, passengers may take 2 pieces of luggage not to exceed 32 kg per bag. Passengers will be charged accordingly for excess baggage.

In general, only one piece of carry-on luggage is allowed on board. Carry-on luggage must not exceed 8 kilos and not be larger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm (w x h x d).

After registration at Check-in, baby carriages and strollers may be handed over to the ground crew at the airplane stairs.

Please ensure that all baggage is securely locked and bears the address of the passenger. To make transport of your luggage even easier, luggage trolleys are available at Graz Airport in sufficient quantities.

What is special luggage?

Bicycles, surfboards, golf bags and diving equipment is considered special luggage and must be declared when booking a plane ticket. Some carriers charge extra for oversized luggage.

What cannot go in baggage or hand luggage?

A comprehensive list of all prohibited objects is available at the Information desk in the departure hall or from the security personnel. Or refer to the following website to see the list of prohibited items:

Hand luggage and security control

Please find out about security control procedures and current regulations for hand lugagge prior to the start of you journey >> Security control

Trolleys - to make it easier

Trolleys are available in the parking areas, in the multi-storey car park, at the railway station and in front of the passenger terminal. Please have € 1.00, € 0.50, 1.00 CH Franc or 25 US Cent (quarter) ready for the trolley. >> Airport maps